Enhancing Corporate Health through Technology iGROW Health-as-a-Service

iGROW’s Health-as-a-Service provides health programs & solutions that are intuitive, hassle-free, modular and dynamic. It is a data-driven dynamic technology platform engineered to help companies address current inefficiencies in corporate health such as lack of resources to implement, low participation, high upfront costs, and No ROI measurements.

Why we built this
  • Health Programs
  • Program Management
  • Assessments
  • Analytics
  • Rewards

Modular, Dynamic and Intuitive HR platform
for ALL Corporate Health needs – Online in 1-place


The backbone of the platform. Access to dynamic a HR Dashboard to view employee analytics through: 1) SURVEYS (iGROW’s assessments, HRA, Health Screenings); 2) POLLS (Yes/No answers to get a pulse of the organization); 3) and REWARDS (through points & leaderboards to sustain motivation based on behavioral economics and gamification principles)


Corporate fitness platform with an intelligent booking engine, containing over 1,600 fitness classes across 72 locations, applying gamification elements to nudge employees towards Healthier lifestyles


Intuitive company-wide platform to manage employee events or programs designed to maximize participation through reward points.


Dynamic mental health platform that supports Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) by focusing on Promotion & Prevention to nudge employees towards happier lives.

iGROW’s Health-as-a-Service

Better Health Solutions,
Lower Cost

We are enhancing Corporate Health through technology, data, design, and cost structure

Better Programs for your Employees

Choose from our list of engaging and intuitive Health Programs with a dynamic rewards system to keep employees motivated towards better health

Better Understanding of
your Employees

Access our dynamic HR dashboards to view employee analytics from all the different health programs implemented

Better Cost Structure to
get more for your Employees

Better solutions don’t have to be more expensive! iGROW’s Health-as-a-Service dynamic technology platform charges Subscription starting from $1 and Pay-Only-When-Use

iGROW Health-as-a-Service: Better Health Solutions at Lower Cost

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Loved & Trusted by more than 350 companies impacting more than 80,000 employees

“This is our first time working with iGROW and we find them very proactive, professional and efficient.”
“iGROW understood our concern of our employees’ welfare and supported us to bring us closer to our overall vision and goals which includes improving the quality of life of our employees.”
“iGROW delivered a very personalized and customized solution. They helped us enhance communication and lessen conflict”

We aspire to DELIBERATE and DO and not merely DREAM

thus iGROW Group aims to positively impact society by constantly striving to be the Thought Leader, Advocate and Enabler of Happiness at Work, Family and in Life. We do that by leveraging on the dynamic team of psychologists, counsellors, coaches, consultants, academics, computer engineers, designers, and others possessing an avid interest in the psychological & human capital of every human being.

iGROW believes that everyone are born innately Good, are Relational Beings who possess infinite Human Potentials and are fully capable of engaging in Works of kindness.

This belief drives us to find solutions to ensure individuals, families, organizations, and communities are empowered to live the best possible life. This led us to pilot a few nation-wide programs with parties such as Singapore Manufacturing Federation and launched several national level projects and programs with Health Promotion Board of Singapore (HPB), and several government agencies. We even won a few awards along the way in recognition of our hard work.


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